Profhilo® is a new-generation injectable bio-stimulation treatment containing hyaluronic acid that helps to rebuild the lost collagen and elastin in the dermis caused by the ageing process. At the Skin Health Clinic we use Profhilio® treatment as a natural skin enhancer, to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, plump and hydrate the skin and create a naturally glowing, youthful complexion. 

300 Euro per syringe (used for 1 area) each area should be treated twice, approximately 4 weeks apart so total treatment cost per ‘area’ would be 600 Euro

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Frequently Asked Questions

Deep skin hydration, the smoothing out of the fine lines and wrinkles, the boosting of collagen and elastin levels and dermal remodelling over time. Your complexion will appear healthy, hydrated and glowing. Unlike dermal fillers, which also made from hyaluronic acid but are cross-linked so stay in the place they are injected, Profhilo spreads within the skin to treat the whole face (or neck, or indeed any other area in the body), giving an overall refreshed appearance to the skin itself.

We recommend 2 sessions, 1 month apart for your initial treatment. For maintenance 1 session every three months or 2 sessions, 1 month apart every 6 months.

There’s very minimal downtime with Profhilo®. There are often raised bumps from the injection points, but these subsides within a few hours. There is always a risk of bruising and /or swelling after any injectables but occur within the first 48 hours, though usually are very minimal if they do.

Results can be seen from one week with the optimum effect visible one after your treatment. Lifting and tightening of the skin will be evident over the longer term (3-6 months).

We rate this a 2 out of 5, a topical cream can also be applied to help ease any discomfort bringing it down a comfortable 1.

Profhilo works particularly well with other ant-ageing treatments. Used in conjunction with fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, it can help refresh your complexion and give the perfect glow to your face, reducing sign of ageing.

To get the best possible natural anti-ageing results, at the Skin Health Clinic we take an holistic approach to beauty, rather than isolating certain areas. Profhilo is effective on its own but when used in conjunction with other skin rejuvenation treatments it can achieve excellent anti-ageing results.

Fidelma (RANP Dermatology) would be delighted be delighted to discuss your requirements and create a personalised treatment package tailored specifically for you.